Our Charitable Foundation

The Mother Maryam Foundation

Since the early 90s, Nile Valley Herbs has been helping the community of Kolomiseed and its neighboring communities, with development projects of various sorts. These projects have been made possible by the assistance of donor organizations, the contributions of many individuals, and the efforts of the villagers. Our thanks go to the many individuals and organizations who have generously contributed to our all of our projects.

To expand our efforts we formed a non-profit charitable organization called the Mother Maryam Foundation for Humanitarian Development. The Mother Maryam Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization chartered in the state of Texas.

Please visit the Mother Maryam Foundation web site to find out how you can contribute.

Below are some of the projects we’ve been working on over the years.

Clinic Project

We are currently raising funds to supplement the operating costs of the new health clinic in Az-Zawrat village, which opened in July 2011. This project, supported by Mother Maryam Foundation and Rotary International, provides affordable health care to all villagers and will increase the level of health and wellbeing of the population: male and female, young and old… learn more

Water Project

We are very proud of our biggest previous project, the clean drinking water project, which was completed in January 2002. In the past, women carried jerry-cans of water on their heads from the Nile up to their homes. This project dug a well, built a water tower and tank, and provided a distribution system piping water to homes. See the stages of implementation of the project here… learn more

School Project

We support Kolomiseed elementary school and three other elementary schools nearby in several ways. We provide funds to support maintenance and repair of buildings, stipends for teachers, and prizes for outstanding teachers and students… learn more

Seed Project

The seed project is a small on-going project. In our annual visit to the village we take fruit and vegetable seeds that we have purchased and collected from various donors. Seeds are small and easy to carry and represent a means by which individuals can improve the health and wellbeing of their families… learn more

Other Projects

We are always helping people in the village, and assisting the many kind donors who want to help. In December 2005, we facilitated the distribution of medicines and baby blankets generously contributed by US donors… learn more

Early Projects

In the early 90s, we carried out several projects. These included: the installation of solar panels at the community center, assistance with the construction of an elementary school, the building of a flood control dyke, and an experimental windmill project… learn more