Green Tea vs. Hibiscus Tea

You probably arrived at this page while looking for information about green tea, one of the world's favorite beverages. Like almost all the world's teas, green tea is made from Camellia sinensis, also known simply as a tea plant. While many hybrids can be grown, the principal difference in most teas has to do with the way the tea leaves are processed.

Tea from the Camellia sinensis may be classified by the region of its origin, the size of its leaf, or - and most importantly - by the manufacturing process itself. Hibiscus tea is a different story altogether, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Tea can be classified as black (fermented), green (unfermented), and oolong or pouchong (semi-fermented) . From there, you probably know the rest of the tea story, at least as far as tea from the Camellia sinensis is concerned. But there's another totally different tea to discover.

I'd like to introduce you to a totally different kind of healthful tea - hibiscus and hibiscus mint tea.  Hibiscus tea comes from the genus Hibiscus, in the mallow family (Malvacea), and is native to warm, temperate and tropical regions - such as the Nile Valley. I run a small business called Nile Valley Herbs, Inc. We sell our products, hibiscus and hibiscus mint tea, to individual healthy consumers, restaurants, coffeehouses, and health food stores. A part of the proceeds from our sales goes toward implementing projects in my village and surrounding area.